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Why train with Las Vegas Celebrity Hypnotist Justin Tranz

Friday, July 12, 2013

Anne Arundel Community College Hypnosis Practitioner Training and Certification Program

Level 1: WEL-501 - November 1-3
Level 2: WEL-502 - November 8-10
Level 3: WEL-503 - November 15-17

Located at AACC's Glen Burnie Town Center Campus
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Have you always been fascinated by the power of the mind? Longing to learn more about the mind-body connection? Ready to tap into the power of your subconscious mind in order to reach your full potential? Want to help other people easily achieve their goals?

Hypnosis practitioners work with everyday people on everyday problems. But the results are far from ordinary! Hypnosis can help bring about profound change, leading to relief and healing on many levels.

This course will help prepare you to work with clients, as individuals and in groups, using hypnosis to address issues such as weight management, motivation, smoking, self-confidence, procrastination, fear of public speaking, insomnia, nail biting, and other bad habits, as well as working with health-related issues such as pain, IBS, skin conditions, and much more!

The National Guild of Hypnotists, the world's largest and most respected hypnosis organization, requires 100 hours of training for certification. This course is taught in three separate modules over three weekends. This gives you time to practice at home with your family, friends, clients, or patients and to also complete 25 hours of home study. You will gain the knowledge, confidence, and competence needed to start your own hypnosis business or add hypnosis to your existing practice.

What You Will Learn:

·       What hypnosis is (and isn’t)
·       History of hypnosis
·       Science of hypnosis & how it works
·       Who can and can’t be hypnotized
·       Suggestibility and depth tests
·       A variety of hypnotic inductions
·       Deepening techniques
·       Using convincers
·       Developing scripts for your clients
·       How to structure sessions for:
o   Self-hypnosis
o   Stress reduction and relaxation
o   Self-confidence
o   Children and adolescents
o   Weight Management
o   Quitting tobacco use
o   Pain management
o   Fears and phobias
o   Emotional issues
o   Exercise motivation
o   Procrastination
o   Panic attacks
o   Nail biting and other bad habits
o   Finding lost objects
o   Medical issues and referrals
·       Research and case studies
·       Run group hypnosis sessions
·       Work with real clients
·       How to conduct intake interviews
·       How to build rapport with clients
·       And much, much more!

Official NGH training materials provided:
·      Manual 1 – Basic
·      Manual 2 – Advanced
·      NGH hypnosis scripts
·      6 NGH hypnosis training videos
·      2 NGH educational CDs
·      Hypnosis articles
·      Client forms
·      Chevreul’s pendulum

Upon Completion of all 3 modules and the NGH exam, you will receive:
·      NGH Consulting Hypnotist Certification
·   Official NGH Diploma
·    NGH Membership ID Card
·    Complimentary 1-year NGH Membership
·    Subscription to the Hypnogram and The Journal of Hypnotism

     ·    Exclusive use of the NGH video and audio libraries and member bookstore, discount prices and rates on the 2014 NGH Convention and NGH Solid Gold Weekend, hotels, and special offers
     ·    Eligibility to join the American Federation of Hypnotists AFL-CIO Local 104 union
     ·    And much more!

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